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  • RCS - Battleground Tested Atlas Copco's RCS technology was put to the test against a third party system. So how did things turn out? Download the story to find out.
  • Surface Manager brochure Learn how your mining operation can be taken to the next level with Surface Manager, which is now available for the Pit Viper series.
  • RCS for Pit Viper Brochure The first Rig Control System for the Pit Viper Series brochure is here! Be sure to check out how RCS works for Atlas Copco's blasthole drills!
  • RCS for Pit Viper application This is the offline version of the RCSPitViper.com website. You should be able to use this at any time.
  • Ambitious target at Esperanza If you don't already have RCS installed on your rig(s), it's not too late. Hear how trainers and drillers at Chile's Esperanza mine are adapting to the latest automation technology.